“He loves a scrap, does this wee chap”: An illustrated talk on Angus McCurdy and family

Angus McCurdy is one of Upper Hutt’s best known and most colourful historical figures.

As well as being the town’s first Mayor, he also established its first newspaper, ran its first cinema, and was a prime mover behind numerous civic projects, such as establishing the town’s water supply and fire brigade. Notoriously outspoken and pugnacious, McCurdy was continually in the news for various feuds and controversies.

This illustrated presentation by Reid Perkins, Upper Hutt City Council’s Heritage Advisor, will cover McCurdy’s life and times, as well as his family, and aims to provide an entertaining insight into the early days of the Upper Hutt community. It is held in conjunction with another Festival event, a guided tour of the former site of ‘McCurdy’s Castle’, the family’s legendary homestead, to be held on Saturday November 4th.

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1-2pm Sat 28 Oct


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