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Urbantics Paranormal

In this urban adventure, your squad are paranormal agents tasked with uncovering a disturbance in the spirit realm.

Solve puzzles, crack mysteries, and learn a little about some of the Wellington personalities from the past. Use WHF2023 promo code when booking to get a 10% discount. Ensure you choose the Urbantics Paranormal mission to receive the discount.

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Health & Safety

This tour involves walking hilly, potentially muddy paths and steps so requires some fitness and good shoes, with clothing appropriate to being outside. The walk is around 2 kms.

Starts corner of Lambton Quay and Molesworth Street


Wellington CBD


Walking Tour
Family Activities

Event times

Any time during the festival

Booking required

Cost: $18 - $33 pp, depending on squad size.

Hourly start times between 10am and 1pm. 2hr duration.



Urbantics creates urban adventures that use an app to guide participants around the city. We love puzzles and conundrums, and encouraging participants to look more closely at their surroundings, noticing things they might have walked past many times without really seeing. Throw in some interesting historical titbits and you have an Urbantics mission.


Phone: 029 200 3386