Steel Pony tour guide with four attendees on the Wellington Waterfront.

Historic Waterfront Walk

Join us for a captivating 90-minute waterfront tour of Wellington City's rich history!

Embark on a journey to 18 intriguing destinations as we delve into the essence of Wellington City as a place of movement...

Experience physical movement shaped by earthquakes and winds, and explore the metaphysical realm of new social movements and enterprises driven by the people of Wellington.

During this tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit the site of the inaugural NZCTU meeting, an organization that played a pivotal role in granting New Zealand women the right to vote. You'll also explore the birthplace of the modern 40-hour workweek, along with other Wellington-bred institutions like our free ambulance service and, of course, the iconic flat white coffee!

Tracing back the origins of Wellington's vibrant cafe culture, we'll introduce you to some of the earliest cafes and stories about their colorful proprietors.

Other stories include tales of characters like Murphy the rat catcher, Paddy the dog, daring Nazi prison escapes, the heroic crane that safeguarded the city, undercover Russian spies operating on Lambton Quay, rare whale sightings, sunken treasures, and much more.

To ensure you catch every detail, we employ a portable sound system that enhances the audio experience, and we enhance your visual journey with an e-ink display showcasing historic photographs.

Join us for an engaging and novel approach to discovering the distinctive regional heritage that defines Wellington City.

Health & Safety

Our walk is flat and we have a stop halfway through, please bring appropriate footwear for a roughly 2km walk. When we are gathering around stops, out of courtesy for others try not to block constricted areas for others passing by.

Outside of Te Papa - 55 Cable Street, Te Aro


Wellington CBD


Walking Tour

Event times

1-2:30pm Fri 27 Oct

Booking required

Cost: $29.95

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